Folding at Home Service

Folding at Home Service

We’re proud to announce our Folding as a Service. This service lets you fold in the most efficient and convenient way. You only tell us the point amount you want. We take care of the setup, maintenance & monitoring…

  • Convinient: All you have to do is providing your username, passkey, and team ID. We take care of the rest.
  • Environmentally friendly: We use high-end GPU servers and Linux operating system. Our hardware and software are all optimized for the task. So don’t fold yourself with low PPD/watt, let our optimized servers do the job. Save energy.
  • Exact: You know exactly how much point you will get for your investment.

2 to 9 Million Points: $7.00 per 1M points
10 to 19 Million Points: $6.50 per 1M points
20 to 25 Million Points: $6.00 per 1M points
26+ Million Points: contact us

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