Frequently Asked Questions


For short term, yes. However, for 3+ months projects, we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

for 2+ months rentals, we can provide upgrade options for RAM and storage. However it's best to order the required configuration in the first place. (Note that there is no downgrade)

For Windows, you can connect via Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection or any other standard RDP client.

For Linux, you connect using an SSH client.

Software Related

No, it will be pre-installed.

CUDA GPU acceleration run-time libraries are included with the NVIDIA display driver (which is pre-installed). You do not need to install CUDA for most GPU accelerated applications. Most GPU accelerated software does not require a seperate CUDA installation.

You may need to install CUDA 10 if, for example, you will do fresh development work writing low level CUDA kernels and will need access to nvcc.